What’s it about?

Based on responses from our Net zero in real estate survey and insights from our experienced team, we have produced a report with sector reflections on 2023 and the sustainability goals and priorities for 2024.


Industry developments and new disclosure standards

In the report, we give an overview of the key developments for the industry.  As reporting requirements evolve and increase, it's no surprise that our respondents see meeting these as the top ESG priority for 2024, second only to delivering net zero carbon.

ESG and net zero carbon in the built environment

The report reviews ESG priorities and net zero carbon drivers for the built environment.  Our respondents feel that one of the biggest is increasing occupier/ investor/ public sentiment towards low carbon alternatives.  With a backdrop of political/ regulatory uncertainty, this is an encouraging sign that we are not completely reliant on the government to drive action.

Overcoming the barriers

Finally, we explore the challenges to delivering on ESG and net zero goals.  Our respondents identified the top three as budget constraints, political/ regulatory uncertainty and collating accurate data.  The report includes guidance on how you can best overcome these barriers. 


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