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Leading businesses are already pushing ahead with setting ambitious net zero targets.  You may now have a high-level carbon reduction target and clear long-term milestones set, but for many it may be unclear what the next steps are on the net zero journey.


Verco helps businesses set net zero targets and we also implement delivery, so we have a big picture view of net zero, paired with on-the-ground experience of what really works in a commercial setting.  Many of our clients are making significant progress in this area.  Head of Deliver for Zero, Thanos Patsos has presented a webinar to help you tackle the challenges of translating business net zero targets into on-the-ground results:

Watch our webinar recording: What's next after targets?  How to turn high-level roadmaps into practical action without getting overwhelmed.

Using real-world examples based on our extensive work with leading manufacturers, Thanos discusses:

  • Where to start when translating long-term objectives: What to focus on first.
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them when implementing net zero planning.
  • Best practices in progressing from high-level planning to actual implementation: What works.
  • How to identify potential Scope 1 and 2 projects and how to prioritise for early success.
  • How and when to manage potential risk to decarbonisation.

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